The wedding day – preparation and surviving advices

The wedding day – How to get through it

Welcome to our site. We are glad that you stepped by and we might suggest, that you urgently need some advice. Do not worry, we have the suitable advises for you.

It does not matter if your wedding day is months away or in just a few days. The most common problem is not that the organisation of the wedding day itself is not finished yet, but that every person involved is jumpy. It is comprehensive, as it is the day you are going to have a once in a lifetime experience with the person you love.

So what we are going to do is giving you a checking list of the most important things, which have to be done. So if you can set a “check” behind every point, you are already a pro, congratulations for that. In case there are some things, you have not done so far, do not worry. As long as bride and groom are present, it is called a wedding and you will survive it.

1) Inviting guests

When it comes to this point, you and yours get your first”test” whether you will get through  the wedding in piece or not. It might be, that yours does not like your great aunt or the other way round – you can not stand his/ her Cousin. Be that as it might. It is likely that you do not have to speak with both of them during the wedding day anyway. And if they try to speak to you, you have he best excuse – it is your wedding day- just say you have to find your groom/ bride and disappear somewhere.

2) The sitting order 

The sitting order might have more importance as you expect it to have. You do not want to risk a fight at your wedding, because aunt Annie did not get over her cousin having betrayed a secret in year 1997. So make sure seat mates wont catch each other. Which wedding band do you have

3) Decoration

Of course everyone wants to have nice decoration. Our advice: Do not over do it. Mostly guests appreciate some floral decoration. It is also very lovely to keep it clear  white tablecloths – make a nice picture. And for the location after the ceremony, when it gets dark: a chain of lights and candles make a wonderful atmosphere.



4) Clothing

First to the ladies: Of course it is very hard to find the perfect wedding dress. Mostly every women dreams of looking like a princess on her wedding day since she was a kid. The problem is that at this age nobody thought about prices. It can cost a small fortune to purchase one. But there are affordable ones, too. Together with a veil, you rings put on and a smile on your lips, you will make an incredible impression either way.

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For the gents: It is likely easier for you in regard to the clothing. A nice, well-fitting suit looks always good. An appropriate hairstyle and polished shoes will make your bride fall in love with you all over again.

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5) The bachelor party

Countless movies deal with them and if you do not want your wedding to look like the one in “Hangover” you should better not exaggerate it. Keep in mind: You still want to make it to the wedding day. Which does not mean that you can not have some drinks with friends. The bachelor party offer a huge potential to cheat on your love, although you are not even married yet. But we do not have to assume the worst scenario.

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6) The wedding day itself

Wake up early. There will be enough reasons why you will be late. Do not forget the rings. Check again, whether you love the person you are going to marry. If this is the case, everything is fine.  We wish you everything best for your wedding day and your mutual future!





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