Filming the wedding reception – our advice

I can hear Wedding bells ringing! People consider marriage as one of the most important events in their life. It is when they would start a new and independent life with their beloved half and make a family of their own. Wedding is a ceremony of marriage that is celebrated according to customs prescribed by culture.

We cannot deny the fact that almost every day; weddings are becoming more complicated and sophisticated. Before you could start up your wedding-preparations-of-a-lifetime, you should first consider having the perfect wedding invitation that would set up the tone of your       much-awaited event. We give to you some useful etiquettein making your wedding invitation.

Wedding is a formal event, therefore, in composing your invites, formality, specificity and proper etiquette is needed. First, write out all the full names of your guests and participants. No middle initial should be written. It would be better to exclude the middle name rather than putting in middle initial. Second, spell out your word correctly.  British spelling is accepted if you would prefer using it than its American spelling. Third, spell out all the words in your invitation like the date, year, address and street. An exemption to the application of this rule is when spelling Saint (St.) or Mount (Mt.) for street address. Lastly, put in words like “request the honor of your presence” or “request the pleasure of your company” for a formal request that you want them to come.

To some couples, they prefer having a single invitation for both wedding ceremony and wedding reception. However, if the reception would take place on a different day or if some people are invited in the reception and not to the wedding or the other way around, a separate invitation is therefore needed.

Here are several things to consider in making your wedding reception invitation. First, state the name or names of the host or hosts. This could include the name of the couple’s parents or the couples themselves. Second, announce the reason on why you are taking time to write. You could use the words like “request the honor of your presence” to let them that you will really appreciate their attendance. Third, give the date and location as to when and where you will hold your reception. Also include the dress code in your invites or if children are not allowed, you could write “For adults only”.

You could also have a Direct Response Card or RSVP (respondéz s’il vous plait) together with your invitation, though this is optional. This recent practice would facilitate the response process as to whether your guest could come or not.

Always remember that you should prepare for your wedding invitations at least 2 months before the decided date of your wedding for it would take at least a month to finish all the preparation and printing. Wordings are not the only aspects that you would need to consider in making your invites. You should also decide as to what font type, paper type, symbols and colors you are going to incorporate in your invitation. When you are done with all of these, ask for a draft of your invitation. Check for the names, date, location and spelling if there might be errors before printing in bulk for this might cause financial problems.

Getting into a married life is a hallmark of anyone’s life. Preparation is the key to any successful event. No matter what, your wedding reception invitation should reflect your personality, and the motif of your wedding.

How-To Wedding Stationery (Invitations, thank you cards ) by Show Me How Wedding DVD Books