Your Wedding Day!

Your Wedding Day – emotional stages


Welcome to our side! It is all about the feelings you will probably go through. Your Wedding day – emotional stages – we will explain them to you. To make sure, everything is ok, we prepared you the steps you are about to go through. So do not worry, that you made a mistake in marrying the one you love.


1. Emotional Stage

the first emotional stage you will find yourself in is the one, which begins the day you pronounce your wedding and lasts until one week before the wedding. Everything seems quite normal. You choose the location, organize decoration, catering and make the invitations. Admittedly, choosing the people is not the easiest thing, but you will have bigger problems than that. Promise.

2. Emotional Stage

There is one week left before your wedding starts. You realize gradually, that the event you put so much effort in, is actually happening. In on week you will make a commitment to a person, that you will love her/ him for the rest of your life. shock. You remind yourself, taht yo was the one making the proposal and how much you love you fiance. You sang him/ her “I will always love you” in the karaoke bar, although you were not drunk at all. (in fact you were drunk, but at least you still managed to hold the microphone.) And you noticed, that you are automatically smiling while you think about that.

3. Emotional Stage

Three days until the wedding day. You notice, that you are not in the best shape and probably should not eat the tenth cupcake, but by now you reached a stage of indifference.  You love your fiance, but the fact that she/ he is even more jumpy than you, drives you crazy. You are looking forward to get the wedding over with, because everybody tries to give you advises and the caterer his cook is sick. And you are really down for a drink and cannot wait for the bachelor party.

4. Emotional Stage

It is the day before the wedding. You slept very badly and dreamed of the wedding day. Everything was perfect, until a pink elephant run into the church and started to trample your guests. You wake up with an immense headache and have to remind yourself, that it was only a dream. You hoped not having wish so badly for the bachelor party, because right know you just want to sleep in a quite, dark room. But instead of doing this, you have to welcome all guests, who traveled the long way to get to your wedding and stay for two nights at your house.

5. Emotional Stage

You “finally” have you bachelor party. You go with your friends into a bar and afterwards into a club. You remember having some drinksand that is it.

Everything else is vanished from your memory. You wake up early with an enormous hangover, but you are the happiest person on earth, because you find yourself at home, the place you are supposed to be.

6. Emotional Stage

Your wedding day. The day, which you waited for so long. Although everything was so stressful, you are happy that you are finally about to marry the person you love.

The emotional stages of the wedding day.

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